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WATCH DOCS Belarus - International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival

WATCH DOCS is a place that helps you to look at an individual and humanity from a new perspective thanks to strong world documentary and real personal stories. Here we focus on the most topical events of our time and give an opportunity to discuss them - often together with the directors and heroes of the documentaries! Entry to the events is always free of charge for everyone.

The first WATCH DOCS screenings took place in Warsaw in 2001. And starting from 2015 the Festival is held annually in Belarus and is run by like-minded organizers and dozens of volunteers.

The main themes of WATCH DOCS Belarus screenings and special events once were Islam in the modern world, digital security, information literacy and populism, teenage addictions, the events in Ukraine and the memory of the Gulag, corruption of transnational companies and responsibility of business, ecology, culture of remembrance and the problem of destruction of monuments in the 21st century and many others.


WATCH DOCS Belarus' 2018: Stand one's ground
On December 13-16, we will show a series of awesome documentaries about the kind of ground that we choose – or somebody chooses for us. About the ground that lie in the basis of our values and beliefs as they, these values and beliefs, define the boundaries between people.

This year’s programme is about:
• bringing justice in geopolitical, gender, nation-oriented and other struggles;
• fortitude and resourcefulness in getting back a dignified life for oneself and for loved ones;
• finding and returning your moral character after the mistakes made.

We are placing special emphasis on the information space – a tool invented by mankind which these days frequently defines our understanding of humanity.

Keep an eye on the news!

The Festival is organized by the “Zviano” non-governmental organization.

Festival places are the Cinema Mir, the Historical Studio, and the Center of Cultural Innovations ok16.

Previous years’ financial records are available below: