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Anti award
Special Event


OK 16 (Kastryčnickaja street, 16)

As we approach the 70th anniversary of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as our WATCH DOCS Belarus Film Festival, we and our partner "City for citizens" announce big news. From now on, we want to protect human rights not only by showing films and making discussions, but also by 'marking' particular organizations, agencies, initiatives, or their representatives, giving them medal “for outstanding achievements in the field of human rights”.

During this year you probably followed the agenda, news, legal acts and reactions to them in the form of new initiatives. Not all officials, initiatives were, how to say, friendly to people. You probably signed petitions.

Our “Mocking award” does not aim to reflect the state of human rights in the country, but to define human rights in a public space, to promote changes and to involve ordinary thinking people into the discourse.

So, our special doggy WATCHDOCS is ready to mark your nominees! Form a long list and vote during the screenings. Requirements for nominees:

- a government agency or enterprise, 

- a real fact, not just because you do not like it

-  publication in media about the action / inaction: we need to check this fact.

You can "mark" your nominees in the questionnaire or send a letter tagged “Anti award” to till December, 10.

We do not mark for no reason or with evil intent, we want to point out things that can be improved and pay attention to them. We stand for a civilized dialogue, we do not bark from around the corner. Therefore, the representatives of the departments noted in our list, will be invited to the medal-giving Closing Ceremony.