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Art Therapy
Special Event

Art Therapy. How to find a way out of social conflicts?

Cultural Centre “Korpus”, Masherova Ave., 9/8

"Art Therapy. How to find a way out of social conflicts?” Tatyana Vodolazhskaya’s open interview with Laurence McKeown.


Program of Short Films

Just after the Program of Short Films by Belarusian and Irish Young Directors, which is to start at 19:00, a meeting with Irish playwright and inspired Republican, Laurence McKeown, – an occasional guest of WATCH DOCS Belarus – takes place. His talk partner and “guide” into Belarusian context will be Tatyana Vodolazhskaya, a sociologist, researcher, head of Flying University.  

Laurence McKeown is an ex-volunteer of Irish Republican Army, who has been working hard on the return of peace to Ireland for 27 years. His weapons are theatre, music, photo art and movie.  

During Minsk meeting Laurence will tell about his plays: “Those You Pass On the Street” and "Green and Blue” – which have stunned not only the North of Ireland, but in general the whole country.  In addition, he’ll tell about the actual help of all these hour question-answer sessions after plays: they help people with opposite positions to express their feelings, to listen to people behind “uniform” or “mask”, to learn to live further, overcoming the conflict.

Besides theatre experience, Laurence also has a number of multicultural projects among his achievements, aimed at peaceful “unleashing of society knots”. The participants will have a unique chance to see a video about one of the projects, “Aftermath”. This project includes the stories of victims of conflict. The archive of all those recordings, live human voices, memories and stories was made publicly available on the Internet. The people were photographed during their talking, so a part of the project has become the exhibition of these   portraits and the organization of informal meetings with the characters of the project. Such meetings could have become extremely difficult for the former conflict participants if it were not for the artistic interference. Or, may be, they even would have never happened, who knows.

The interpreter of the interview will be Natalka Haratanyuk, a Belarusian writer.


Entrance is free.