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WATCH DOCS Belarus Film Festival announces the collection of applications for Anti-award-2019 “WATCH DOCS marked”.


We are happy to announce the new start of Anti-award “WATCH DOCS marked”, so much fancied by Belarusians! We defend human rights not only by showing films and holding discussions, but also by presenting different bodies, structures, initiatives, or their representatives with special diplomas for outstanding “achievements” in the sphere of human rights.

Anti-award “WATCH DOCS marked” is a gag rating of the most thoughtless decisions made by civil servants during the year. The rating was formed by Belarusians through transparent and fair voting.

During this year you might have noticed authorities' decisions on different levels, which were not taking into account the opinions of citizens concerned, which were environmentally destructive or violating human rights, or were partially or fully unfriendly towards people, i.e. towards us.

Have you noticed those decisions in mass media, discussed them in social media or simply ‘rebelled in the kitchen’? Then our Anti-award is the right way to openly “mark and encourage” all those initiators for their thoughtless decisions!

In 2018 Anti-award “WATCH DOCS marked” became a very bright event of the festival and drew the attention of mass media, citizens and government structures. To give an example, the winners of the Anti-award became Minsk Regional Executive Committee for urban planning manipulations in Borovlyany village soviet amid mass protests of local residents, and the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus for the “BelTA Case”.

So, our special doggy WATCH DOCS is ready to “mark” your nominees for the Anti-award by paying special attention to the decisions which might and must be improved, by demonstrating the citizenship and concern about what is going on in our country!

The winners of the Anti-award will be announced during the Closing Ceremony of the festival on the 13th of December at 19.00 in OK16 (Kastryčnickaja street, 16). The entrance is free.

Form a long list and vote on Facebook or during the screenings.

Requirements for nominees:

1.     government body, agency or enterprise;

2.     indication of a definite real fact;

3.     description of the case and reference to its publication in media about the action/inaction: we need to check this fact.

You can "mark" your nominees in the questionnaire or send a letter tagged “WATCH DOCS marked” to



Contacts: +37529 7760634.


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