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Closing ceremony of WATCH DOCS Belarus
Special Event

Closing ceremony of WATCH DOCS Belarus

OK16 (Oktyabrskaya str. 16, building 25)

The closing ceremony of WATCH DOCS Belarus will consist of two most important events of the festival.

Awarding ceremony to Belarusian documentary filmmakers based on the results of the viewers’ votes. The voting will be held during the screenings. The results will be officially announced and the winners will be given the awards during the ceremony.

The second important event will be the announcement of the results of the Anti-award “WATCH DOCS marked” to Belarusian bureaucrats who made most senseless decisions in the last year. The nominees for the Anti-award can be proposed until December 4th, including. 

The program will be finished with a film “Behemoth”, directed by Zhao Liang, 2015, China, France, 90 min. This is a creative and poetic film that draws the viewer into a hypnotic stream of images and sounds on the way to an unexpected and poignant ending.

See you at the festival!