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Фільм Анастасіі Мірашнічэнка "Дэбют"


Mir Cinema (Kazlova, 4a)
Film Screening

Anastasiya Miroshnichenko
2017, Belarus, 80 min

2017 IDFA
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1,500 women are serving their sentence in a penitentiary in the south of Belarus. Only those who broke the law for the first time fall into this category but by Belarusian law that means average prison-terms from 5 to 15 years. Long-term imprisonment fills women with dread to be forever separated from their families and get deprived of their vital support. For those who have children, it is particularly unbearable. Rehearsals in prison theatre help women not to lose themselves. For eleven convicts, every entrance on stage is a breath of fresh air. The long-awaited premiere will take place at the State Drama Theater. Women will leave prison territory for the first time just for a few hours. Relatives and family will be able to witness their debut on the professional stage. For those who live behind barbed wire, this is a chance to appear in front of their relatives, not as criminals. This is their second ‘coming of age’, a possible debut into a new life. The story of the production process is a reason to search for answers to the most complicated questions, about the cost of criminal misconduct and the expediency of long periods of isolation.