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Legalization of medical marijuana in Belarus: why is it still forbidden?
Special Event

Discussion “Legalization of medical marijuana in Belarus: why is it still forbidden?”

Cultural Centre “Korpus”, Masherova Ave., 9/8

A special guest of WATCH DOCS Belarus festival, director Jan Bluz himself, will come to discuss this topic, so painful for Belarusians too. Petr Markelov, the leader of movement “Legalize Belarus”, and some representatives of medical society will be experts while discussing the Belarusian context of the problem.

The program includes:

  • Brief history of the movement for marijuana legalization in Belarus: heroes and antiheroes, wins and losses.

  • Discussion of the question: Is there any medical research in marijuana properties and in its usage for the treatment of seriously ill people in Belarus?

  • The question of medical ethics, ruling in Poland: “If a person can be cured, why do the doctors refuse to give him/her medical treatment?” Are there any specialists looking into the question in Belarus?  

  • How can the dialogue on the question of marijuana usage in medicine be built between social movements, medical experts and state bodies? 


Entrance is free.