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Movie "Khartoum Offside"

Khartoum Offside

ОК16 (Oktyabrskaya str. 16, building 25)
Film Screening

Director: Marwa Zein

2019, Sudan, Norway, Denmark, 75 min

Original language: Arabic

Subtitle language: Belarusian


«Under the current political Islamic military rule, women are not allowed to play football in Sudan—and we are not allowed to make films—but…» The opening quote of this film sets the tone for a group of women who defy an oppressive regime whose laws hold them back from following their dreams. Meet Sara, a remarkable and entrepreneurial young Sudanese woman whose dream is to have a soccer team that will one day compete in the FIFA Women's World Cup. She and her teammates live on the outskirts of the country's capital, a city of contradictions where family traditions, politics and religion dare to dictate their life plans. But through their common love of sport, strong bonds and street smarts, these fearless, unstoppable women challenge the standards and stereotypical perceptions of their country.

Heather Haynes