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Laurence McKeown
Special Event

Meeting with Laurence McKeown

Mir Cinema (Kazlova, 4a)

Laurence McKeown is an Irish author, playwright, screenwriter, and former volunteer in the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA) who took part in the 1981 Irish hunger strike.

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He has a lot to tell you and you have a lot to ask: about serving a life sentence, the “Blanket” and “Dirty” protests in Maze Prison, as well as about hunger strike and studying at the university during prison stint. What happened after he had been pardoned? What was the path from a revolutionary to a playwright like? More about the unique figure of Laurence can be found here. We will meet with him after "Mairéad Farrell - an unfinished conversation" screening. Come to listen to a legend, and if you want more, order a shot from Lawrence at our party!