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Festival of human rights documentary films “Watch Docs Belarus”

WATCH DOCS is an international documentary film festival that started in 2001 in Warsaw. Each year the festival unites spectators and participants worldwide to raise awareness of today’s most pressing issues and build an appropriate environment to discuss them.

Most of the films are works of world famous film directors, while entrance is essentially free for the audience.

Watch Docs Belarus first appeared in Minsk by joint efforts of co-thinking organizers and a dozen of enthusiasts. People in Minsk have already twice had an opportunity to see world’s outstanding documentaries, talk to makers and protagonists thereof, as well as experts on such burning issues as Islam in the modern world, digital security, teenager addictions, activity of human rights activists in Belarus, events in Ukraine, etc.

This year the Festival will take place between December 14 and 17.

Below are the topics we found most urgent this year, and most films have been selected according to them:

  • Populism: why populist politicians today gain weight and attentions, while voters seek for simple answers to complex issues;
  • Memory: how historic heritage affects our today’s life and how the present affects the past;
  • The common world: why people in Belarus need to care for schools in Africa and Hydroelectric power station disaster in Russia.

The festival program also features a number of special events on the above topics.

The Festival is organized by the “Zviano” non-governmental organization.

Festival places are the Cinema Mir, the Historical Studio, and the Center of Cultural Innovations ok16.

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