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WATCH DOCS Belarus is travelling across the country

WATCH DOCS Belarus is open to cooperation with regional initiatives and platforms.
Write to us and we will become one team!

WATCH DOCS Belarus 2018 will be held: 

Location: Valley of Angels in Mazyr, Gogol Street, 61

12 october, 20.00
"The White world according Daliborek"

13 october, 17.00
"Debut" + meeting with director Anastasia Miroshnichenko

Location: Center of city life, Kirava Street, 3

18 october, 19.00
The White world according Daliborek 
"The Fall of Lenin"(short meter)

19 october, 19.00
Our new president” + discussion

20 october, 17.00
Debut” +  meeting with director Anastasia Miroshnichenko

21 october, 17.00
The art of resistance in Burkina Faso

Location: District center of culture (Bahinskaha Street, 2)

26 october, 18.00
"The White world according Daliborek"

27 october, 16.00
"Debut" +  meeting with director Anastasia Miroshnichenka

28 october, 16.00
The Songs of Old Europe - Ancient Belarusian Folk Songs
+ Folk performance by "Speuny Skhod" ("Singing Assembly")  and "Zhavaronachki" (“Larks")


Location: “Cherdachok”, Kastrychnitskaya Street, 12

November 8, 19:00
Our new president” + discussion

November 9, 19:00
Debut” + meeting with director Anastasia Miroshnichenko

November 10, 23:59
Cinema night:
White world according to Daliborek
Ask the sexpert
The Art of Resistance in Burkina Faso

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