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Movie "The Reunion"

The Reunion

ОК16 (Oktyabrskaya str. 16, building 25)
Film Screening

Director: Anna Odell 

2013, Sweden, 88 min

Original language: Swedish

Subtitle language: Russian, Belarusian, English


An outstanding work of a controversial Swedish actress and film director Anna Odell on the problem of bullying among schoolchildren. After Anna's classmates had not invited her to the meeting party, the artist made a feature film showing how eccentric this meeting would be if Odell visited it and did everything her classmates tried to avoid. The second, documentary, part of the film shows the reaction of her real classmates, raises questions on human readiness to admit the truth of distant past, violence and the ethics of self-psychological growth of the victim's condition. The drama homecoming was critically acclaimed at the Venice film festival in 2014 and won two awards at the 49th Guldbagge Awards. 

Anna Odell gained her scandalous image thanks to her first film "Unknown, Woman 2009-349701". To create it, she faked and secretly filmed a suicide attempt in Stockholm, which sparked much debate in the media about the ethics of both her act and the ethics of Sweden's medical system. The following two her movies, "The Reunion" and "Malimba", were nominated in several categories and presented at the Venice film festival.