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Movie "The Underground of Hope"

The Underground of Hope

Сultural center "Korpus" (Masherov Avenue 9/8)
Film Screening

Director: Jan Bluz 
2018, Poland, 85 min

Original language: Polish

Subtitles language: Belarussian


Фільм "Падполле надзеі"

Although the facts are conclusive, the issue of medical marijuana still arouses a lot of emotion in Poland. The title «underground of hope» refers to the Polish community of supporters of medical marijuana, from patients and their families, through doctors who offer their patients this sort of treatment, to activists from legalization movements and those who bring medicinal products from abroad or produce them on the spot—illegally, since marijuana is still banned in Poland.

Фільм "Падполле надзеі"


The director compares the situation in Poland, Spain, Slovenia and Israel. Discussions with experts and doctors leave no doubt—only drug dealers benefit from the penalization of marijuana.